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OS-9 Easter Eggs
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OS-9 Easter Eggs by OS-9 Al

There are a few hidden "easter eggs" in the OS-9 operating system. Due to the small size of an embedded OS, most of the secret messages are very small. You will not find a hidden Breakout game in OS-9.

Ultra-C Compiler Credits:

The "-@" option will display the names of some of those who worked on the compiler. The names have been changed over the years. The most recent Windows hosted compiler I used produced this output:

C:\WINDOWS>xcc -@ a.c
Include file paths:
Library file paths:
"Help Wanted, Apply Within -m --target=0 -IC:\MWOS_M~1\SRC\DEFS -IC:\MWOS_M~1\OS
9\SRC\DEFS --translate_names_1 -D_UCC -D_MAJOR_REV=2 -D_MINOR_REV=4 -D_SPACE_FAC
TOR=1 -D_TIME_FACTOR=1 -D_OSK -D_MPF68000 -D_MPF68K -D_FPF881 -D_BIG_END -w --Ex
tended_ANSI --gen_c_file_name=ucc_41300.i a.c"
"Tanveer Gani acstart.i -o=ucc_41300.i -l=clib.il -l=os_lib.il ucc_41300.i"
"Radhika Allada ucc_41300.i"
"James Jones -p68000 -o=ucc_41300.o ucc_41300.i"
"The Artist Formerly Known as Tom Brasier -t=1 -o=ucc_41300.a ucc_41300.o"
"Aaron Kamienski -a=_UCC -a=_MAJOR_REV=2 -a=_MINOR_REV=4 -a=_SPACE_FACTOR=1 -a=_
TIME_FACTOR=1 -a=_OSK -a=_MPF68000 -a=_MPF68K -a=_FPF881 -a=_BIG_END -o=ucc_4130
0.r -q -bt -m0 -u=C:\MWOS_M~1\SRC\DEFS -u=C:\MWOS_M~1\OS9\SRC\DEFS ucc_41300.a"
"Nate Niceswanger -t=os9_68k acstart.r -o=a -f=orowoe -x=2 -b=2 -l=clib.l -l=os_
lib.l -l=sys.l ucc_41300.r"

A few years earlier on a self-hosted 68K OS-9 system, the message looked something like this:

Include file paths:
Library file paths:
"Help Wanted -m --target=0 -I/dd/MWOS/SRC/DEFS -I/dd/MWOS/OS9/SRC/DEFS --translate_names_1 -D_UCC -D_MAJOR_REV=2 -D_MINOR_REV=1 -D_SPACE_FACTOR=1 -D_TIME_FACTOR=1 -D_OSK -D_MPF68K -D_FPF881 -D_BIG_END -w --Extended_ANSI --gen_c_file_name=ucc_10500.i a.c"
"Radhika Allada /dd/MWOS/OS9/68000/LIB/HOST1/ansi_cstart.i -o=ucc_10500.i -l=/dd/MWOS/OS9/68000/LIB/HOST1/clib.il -l=/dd/MWOS/OS9/68000/LIB/HOST1/os_lib.il ucc_10500.i"
"The Artist Formerly Known As Brian Bliss ucc_10500.i"
"James Jones -p68000 -o=ucc_10500.o ucc_10500.i"
"Tom Brasier -t=1 -o=ucc_10500.a ucc_10500.o"
"Aaron Kamienski -a=_UCC -a=_MAJOR_REV=2 -a=_MINOR_REV=1 -a=_SPACE_FACTOR=1 -a=_TIME_FACTOR=1 -a=_OSK -a=_MPF68K -a=_FPF881 -a=_BIG_END -o=ucc_10500.r -q -bt -m0 -u=/dd/MWOS/SRC/DEFS -u=/dd/MWOS/OS9/SRC/DEFS ucc_10500.a"
"Nate Niceswanger -t=os9_68k /dd/MWOS/OS9/68000/LIB/ansi_cstart.r -o=a -f=orowoe -x=2 -b=2 -l=/dd/MWOS/OS9/68000/LIB/clib.l -l=/dd/MWOS/OS9/68000/LIB/os_lib.l -l=/dd/MWOS/OS9/68000/LIB/sys.l ucc_10500.r"

In earlier self-hosted (i.e. versions of the compiler that ran natively under OS-9) compilers also produced some interesting output with the "-nan" option:

cc --nan
*** Special Information ***
Microware Ultra C Compiler. Version 2.1
Mar 2 1998 / 00:08:37
Processors --> 0xE7
Help --------> 0xE7
"A child's face can say a lot.
Especially the mouth part of the face." -- Jack Handey

SCF Buffer Message:

The SCF (sequential character file manager) component of OS-9 has a feature that lets a program preload the buffer. This could be used to let the "again" key sequence (control-A) display a default command, saving the end user some typing. If you get to a login prompt (or fork a brand new shell instance) on an OS-9 system and type a Ctrl-A, you will see a credit message:

$ shell
[1]$ by Tony Hoffman, DL, RG and others

Memory Patterns:

Most programmers will choose fun characters to store in memory when doing memory paternization. OS-9 module headers include such hex sequences as F00D (X86) and 4DAD (???). You can find DEADBEEF in some memory areas as well.

Hidden Module Strings:

If you "dump" certain modules, you might find some interesting text. Here is some "CRUD" in the kernel (dump -m kernel, or from DOS, os9dump kernel):

00001950 0000 0000 4039 2042 6c4f 436b 735f 4f66 ....@9 BlOCks_Of
00001960 5f63 7255 645f 4f6e 5f74 6845 5f64 6953 _crUd_On_thE_diS
00001970 6b5f 5f2d 3940 5f62 4c6f 634b 5320 6f46 k__-9@_bLocKS oF
00001980 2043 5275 4421 205f 2d59 4f75 2050 4174 CRuD! _-YOu PAt
00001990 4368 2041 2042 5567 5f20 614e 4420 6455 Ch A BUg_ aND dU
000019a0 6d50 5f69 5420 6147 6149 4e3a 205f 4030 mP_iT aGaIN: _@0
000019b0 4020 624c 4f63 6b53 204f 4620 6352 5564 @ bLOckS OF cRUd
000019c0 5f6f 6e5f 7448 4520 4469 734b 5f20 205f _on_tHE DisK_ _
000019d0 2d5f 5f31 3040 5f62 4c6f 634b 5320 6f46 -__10@_bLocKS oF
000019e0 2043 5275 4420 6f4e 2054 4865 2044 4973 CRuD oN THe DIs
000019f0 4b2c 205f 4030 305f 624c 4f63 6b53 5f6f K, _@00_bLOckS_o


...more to come... Know any? Drop me a note.



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