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Welcome to the newest section of this site. This area will contain a list of documents dealing with various OS-9 topics. If you would like to contribute a useful tip, workaround, or code snippet, please contact me.

  1. Understanding Low-Level Booters
  2. 02/01/02: OS-9 versus OS-9000
  3. work in progress: OS-9 Evolution
  4. new: 03/13/02: OS-9 "easter eggs"
  5. Using Pipes (sequencial data passing)
  6. Using Events (process control)
  7. Using Semaphores (resource locks)
  8. Using Data Modules (shared memory)
  9. Using Signals (software interrupts)
  10. Using Threads
  11. Redirecting I/O
  12. Calculating CPU Usage
  13. Customizing the Process Scheduler
  14. Handling Memory Fragmentation
  15. Working with Memory Protection
  16. Interrupt Service Routines
  17. Dynamic Linked Libraries
  18. Subroutine and Trap Libraries
  19. Process Descriptors
  20. Makefiles
  21. Configuration Wizard Explained
  22. Hawk Tricks and Tips
  23. Compiler Optimizations (using I-Code)
  24. Dealing with Strict ANSI
  25. C++ Comments in C Code

If you would like to write an application note on any of the above topics (or any others you think might be interesting), feel free to do so and send it in!

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