November 2002 moving. posted by admin

November 27, 2002 3:41:40 PM -- I am in the process of moving this domain to another server so I can add some features. If things don't load over the next few days, don't panic.

Open source tools to read OS-9 disks. posted by admin

November 9, 2002 12:30:42 PM -- Since I've been contacted by two different organizations about this in the past week... If you visit you will find a project that lets you read/write to OS-9 disk images. The code is there if someone wanted to hook these to actual disk I/O routines to create a free set of tools to access OS-9 disks from a PC or something. Check it out.

Microware website gone. posted by admin

November 3, 2002 4:37:44 PM -- I just checked out today and was saddened to see that it no longer exists. At some point in the past few months, the domain was redirected to the RadiSys page with a link to their software division. Goodbye, Microware! Although it has been well over a year since Microware existed, having that separated website at least made it feel like our old friend was still around...