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We probably encounter something that has been touched by an OS-9 system every week without realizing it. For instance, if you have lunch at the Olive Garden restaurant and enjoy one of their fine breadsticks, you've seen OS-9 in action. The Flowers Bread Company produces these breadsticks and they use a robotic crane in their freezer warehouses to transport palettes of these bread items around. These robots are powered by OS-9. The same robotics are also used by the Iowa Beef Producers Council so it is likely the same could be said about enjoying a sirloin at certain steak restaurants.

This page will serve as a growing list of (hopefully) interesting places where OS-9 is being used. For a list of consumer type devices that run OS-9, see the (in)Famous OS-9 systems page.

home action appnotes consultants history links os-9 al systems vendors

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