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Microware Systems Corporation was founded in 1976 by Ken Kaplan.

  • 1976 - Microware forms then incorporates a year later.
  • 1977 - RT68 released. Microware ad appears in the first issue of Byte magazine.
  • 1980 - OS-9 for the Motorola 6809 processor is released.
  • 1983 - OS-9 is ported to the Motorola 68000 processor.
  • 1989 - OS-9 is rewritten mostly in 'C' for portability. The new version is titled OS-9000 and is released for the IBM-PC 386 as well as 68020 and above processors.
  • 1995 - OS-9000 is ported to the Motorola PowerPC processor.
  • 1996 - Other ports follow including: MIPS, Sparc, SH-3, SH-4, ARM, and StrongARM. (If someone could give me the years each processor port was done, I would appreciate it.)
  • 2000 - Microware begins to produce microcode for Intel's IXP1200 network processor (StrongARM core with microengines). This was significant since the microcode was OS agnostic and could be used without OS-9.
  • 2001 - SH-5 support. MIPS32 support. RadiSys announces it is purchasing Microware. On August 27, Microware becomes "Microware Communications Software Division", a wholly owned subsidiary of RadiSys.
  • 2002 - Ken Kaplan, founder of Microware, retires after 25 years.

There are many other items I would like to include in this timeline. If anyone can help me with dates for the following items, I would be most appreciative:

  • CD-RTOS released (the version of OS-9 inside the CD-i players, techically OS-9/68K v2.4).
  • MPEG video (VCD) support.
  • RAVE - Real-Time Audio Video Environment (GUI toolkit for OS-9).
  • DAVID - Digital Audio Video Interactive Decoder (set top box OS).
  • PC Bridge / Uni Bridge (cross compilers) released.
  • FasTrak (PC/Unix GUI based development environment) released.
  • Hawk (PC GUI based development environment) released.
  • GNU-C ported to OS-9 (68K).
  • OS-9 flies on the Space Shuttle.
  • Radio Shack licenses and releases OS-9 Level 1 for the TRS-80 Color Computer.
  • Radio Shack licenses and releases OS-9 Level 2 for the Tandy Color Computer 3.

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