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Since I am having so much trouble finding information on my new Samsung i500 PalmOS cell phone, I thought I'd make this page for others to reference. This is just a boring/basic page for now.

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Samsung i500 Resources

Kyocera 6035 versus the Samsung i500

In 2001, I puchased a Kyocera 6035 PalmOS phone. I used it extensively for the past three years, but went through about five of them (thank goodness for Sprint handset warrenties through lock\line!). The main problem was the flip would stop working -- connection would not be made, then the phone could not be turned into "phone mode" rendering it useless. Another issue with my last one was that it would reset when plugged into a charger (whether it be through the direct jack, or sync cable plug) requiring a reset of screen calibration. Sometimes it would reset and lose everything.

Last week I requested another replacement, and Sprint is now out of the 6035s so they sent me a Samsung i500. I have very mixed feelings about this. While it is a neater, faster, newer and colorful phone, other than speed and color everything else it does, it does worse than the 6035. So, here is a list of things 6035 owners could do that i500 owners can't:

Some advantages of the i500:

More to come as I learn... You can e-mail me at alsplace at pobox.com (but you will get a challenge e-mail back that you have to approve before the message will get to me).

July 2005

Since my new Toyota Prius has bluetooth, I wanted to get a phone to make use of it. The only PalmOS phone I knew of was the Treo 650, so now I have one of those. More steps forward, and more steps back.

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