entrance cover letter my resume full employment history

May 31, 2019 - My resume has been updated.

Welcome to Allen Huffman's online resume site, circa 2001. The online world has changed so much since then, so I present these pages as a historical artifact of how things were in the pre-Web 2.0 days. You may view my resume and work experience online or request a copy of my resume in PDF or other formats.

Things I have learned from putting my resume up on the web:

  • In spite of all the "how to get a job" books and lectures, cover letters don't seem to really matter. Most visitors who come to this site skip mine and only look at the resume.
  • Out of job sites dice.com, monster.com, headhunter.net, and hotjobs.com, the most responses seem to come from Iowa based dice.com. Even better responses come from simply calling a free recruiter who is local to area that you want to work.
  • Employers and search agencies assume everyone owns Microsoft Word.
  • ...more to come.

entrance cover letter my resume full employment history

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